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Hi world!

This is a short summary of the work we have done so far. We are a group of Architects, most of us living in Berlin, coming from several parts of the World. In February 2014 we came up with the idea of building something useful, by ourselves. We got in contact with VPWA, an NGO from Ghana, where one of us worked few years ago. They recently acquired a plot and were planning to do a school. We agreed with them to do it.

We started with the design of the school. The plot is very sloped, and the ground is clay, which is known by being a problem for the foundations of the buildings as well as getting floated in the rainy season. The design took in account all this, and the fact of the heat and the presence of mosquitoes spreading malaria as well. We got all previous documentation of the project design from the NGO, but it was still complicated to do a project from so far away, and with some conditions that are not that familiar to most of us. We finished the first phase of the design part at the end of summer 2014.

The next step after the design was to start looking for funds. This is what we think is going to be the most difficult part, as we don’t have experience in it. We started by doing this website to put together all the information we have produced so far. The first thing we realized is that we need to be an official organization in order to be able to receive a certain amount of funds. We started to investigate which entity suits better to our purpose, and we decided that the best option was to register as a “gemeinnütziger verein” in Germany, which is a non profit association. We started applying in December 2014 to register W-BUILD, and we are still waiting for the very last document to be official.

Once we are a non profit organization, we will get back to make a communication campaign in order to get funds to build the school.




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